I start in the middle and then to the slopes and glue to 1 side.

1/64 Super B Grain Trailer Kit Open End Smooth Side or Resin Ribbed closed end. (Also available in LK sloped end or Wilson style straight end)

$70.00 ea plus $10.00 for chrome rim wheels if you do not have your own donors.  (Shipping extra) 

Lastly add the outer skin. Paint the center side before gluing in place.

Check which of the hopper slope thin sheet pieces fit best. I glue then trim excess off.

I like to sand both sides of the parts frame before removing.

Add in the Tarp bows and start on the thin sheet details

The rear is pretty much same. The rear suspension will need an angle cut off to mate up to the slope.

Glue the 2nd side on after the middle and 2 slopes are on. Then glue the ends in.